Azure Skin & Wellness Centre

Massage Therapy

Rebuild your body with human touch.


Body Scrub or Body Mud

50 min $65 each

Exfoliate, soften & detoxify your skin to improve elasticity, stimulate circulation & lymphatic drainage, encourage cell renewal & reduce the appearance of cellulite. An excellent treatment during & after weight loss.


Belly Bliss


This abdominal exfoliation, mud & massage helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, bloating, flatten the tummy & relieve constipation, IBS & menstrual cramps. Includes a neck or foot massage.



Relaxation / Neuromuscular

$35/30min • $50/45min • $65/1hr • $80/75 min • $95/90min

Kneading, compressions & slow, long strokes transport you to a profound level of relaxation & help relieve chronic tension. Gentle, medium to firm pressure.


Deep Tissue/ Neuromuscular Massage

$40/30min • $60/45min • $75/1hr • $90/75min • $110/90min

Extra focus and pressure on specific muscle groups. Helps remove knots, tension and improve flexibility. Great for low back pain, carpal tunnel, sciatic, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia and migraine headaches.


Hot Stone "Massage that ROCKS!"

$75/1hr (Stones on Back & Neck) or $110/90min (Full Body)

Feel tension melting Bliss as heated stones radiate deep into your muscles for a unique & balancing experience.




Shiatsu / Acupressure / Thai Massage


Client wears loose, comfy clothing. Stretching & pressure on release points, meridians, and acupuncture points calm the nervous system & improve circulation


Cellulite / Lymphatic / Cupping Massage

$40/30min • $75/1hr

Speeding the flow of lymphatic fluid helps detoxify the body, increase circulation relax connective tissue & reduce the appearance of cellulite.



Pregnancy Massage


After your first trimester, lay face down in our nap inducing pregnancy pillow while a massage helps relieve back, sciatic & hip pain, leg cramps, swollen limbs, sinuses & headaches.


Reiki / Energy Balancing

$65/ 1 hr or $10 add to massage session

This is not a massage. Our emotions, thoughts, physical bodies & the world surrounding us are energy. Reiki energy clears, straightens, balances, heals, & harmonizes the energy channels, thus allowing the life force to flow in a healthy & natural way, helping to heal the physical symptoms of disease. Tuning forks can be applied directly to trigger & acupuncture points points to harmonize cells & DNA



Healthy Living Classes

These are programs that are sure to educate you on the basics of keeping you and your family healthy naturally. Watch for dates of once a month classes.



$10 each

Hot Stones or Warm Bamboo on back or neck

Arnica Gold Application (circulation therapy cream)

Sinus Treatment

Scalp Treatment

Migraine &/or Stress & Tension Headache Treatment

Magnetic Acupoint Cupping/Acutonics

Foot &/or Hand Reflexology

Hot Towel Treatment / Herbal Poultice

Aromatherapy / Raindrop Treatment

Foot Scrub &/or Soak






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